How to Use Facebook Marketing to Boost Your Sales

Now that most of us have been staying in our homes because of the quarantine, we have all been prompted to get in touch with our recreational skills and newly discovered talents! It is not a surprise that home-based businesses are emerging from the outcome of those activities.

However, not all of us are gifted with the skill of selling and marketing our goods and services. Not everyone was born with the charisma of a successful salesman. As a famous saying goes, “Don’t work hard, work smart!” This is exactly Facebook’s marketing tools aim to do. No matter how much effort we put into convincing people to buy our products, our own circle of influence might not even be the right market.

Facebook offers affordable marketing services that any Facebook & Instagram page owner can use. From increasing likes to target marketing by keywords or location, it has vast ways on how we can reach out the right market without doing a hard sell


1. Target Marketing: Choose your audience!

This might be an overlooked step for some people because the first thing entrepreneurs consider is catering to where they are located. Hence, this limits the capability of the business to tap more potential clients outside their usual scope. When we make an ad post using Facebook, they will give us the option to choose the profile of our target market. In most cases, women do more online shopping than men but which women to be exact? This is where selecting the specific age range comes in. The best way to determine your audience is to know whom your products cater to best. Is it for athletes, moms, students, corporate employees, teachers? Once you have discerned your clientele, it’s time to do some math…


2. Set a Budget

It is essential for any business to set aside a monthly amount allotted for marketing. The question “Why can’t I just spend it on supplies and resources when I have clients?” is a “work hard” mindset. Working smart pushes us to stop selling our products but to start advertising them. We cannot sell sausages and chicken if our audience are vegetarians. By advertising, you will put your product out there and the right customers will come to you as if your business is a people magnet!

Facebook offers a customizable spending tool where we can select how much we allot for one day. They also give you the option to choose the period on how long your ad will run. Payment channels have now been diversified as well making it easier for entrepreneurs to advertise even without a credit card.


3. Know what to Post

Video Advert? Image only? Text only? Multi-product Carousel? So much to choose from! It is not an act of simply choosing what’s easy and quick to do. We need to see which form of ad will suit our products and services best. They say that videos are the way to go and I completely agree. Most people these days spend so much time watching so many videos than read articles for entertainment. However, if your product or service relies on heavy information to be communicated, then a video may not be best if the audience will have to keep on pausing it just to understand your business.

The best way to determine what kind of advertisement is best is to do research! Research how successful businesses similar to yours use their Facebook ads to boost their sales. From here, you more or less now have an idea on how and where to start.


4. Strengthen Your Brand’s Identity Through Ads

Experienced marketers in the advertising industry understand that Facebook adverts work best when they are visual, inspiring, and viral in nature. It’s not necessarily direct selling/offering but it is an effective way for your audience to get to know who they are buying from, what they believe, and what they stand for. This is one of the reasons why most successful businesses’ brands have catchy taglines. It’s for them to be remembered by what the tagline communicates. A lot of consumers are encouraged to purchase more if they feel good about what they buy from you. Loyalty will result to the sincerity and authenticity of your brand.


5. Make Use of the Call-to-Action Button

What better way for future customers to get what they want immediately through one click? The Call-to-Action Button feature is located right before you publish your post. This option is free even if you do not opt to spend on ads. Be wise in choosing which button to use. Buttons like, ‘shop now’, ‘contact us’, ‘send message,’ ‘learn more’, ‘sign up’ etc. are one of the presets you can choose from. You can also enter your own custom call-to-action that will actively drive your customers to tap and boost your potential sales


6. Re-‘boost’ Your Previous Post

Once you have successfully posted a paid ad and it did not meet your expected results, don’t fret! You can boost the same exact post again! However, this time consider changing the scope, the target audience, duration, interests, and other options that you can tinker with.


7. Invest in ‘Promote Your Page’

We are all easily influenced by good reviews and one bad review can be disastrous for a business. Using Facebook’s ‘Promote Your Page’ tool, this will increase your likes, followers, and views. That one bad review can be watered down with the trust rating you get from the number of followers you have. It is good to remember that people have their own preferences. Therefore, it is impossible to please everyone and sadly there are consumers who will nitpick on anything just for them to take advantage of possible perks and freebies for their next order. After all, most customers outside of your circle of influence judge your credibility through how popular your online presence is.


Final Thoughts

Keep in mind Facebook has its limits as well. They aren’t magicians that can easily drive your sales up overnight and do the work for you. But with how user-friendly and affordable this service is, it opens a room for trial and error. With enough patience, research, and determination, the only way to go with your business through Facebook is up!

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