What is Digital Outsourcing: Your Philippine BPO Questions Answered!

Ever found your team overwhelmed or unqualified to take on tasks? Maybe it’s high time your company considers Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) or Digital Outsourcing in the Philippines!

In this article, we’ll give you a quick rundown of what Digital Outsourcing is, how it works, and how it can potentially benefit your company.


What is Digital Outsourcing?

Basically, Digital Outsourcing is the act of partnering with a third-party team or expert to handle digital services or products. These can range from marketing, social media management, advertising, or customer service.


Through Digital Outsourcing, you’re trusting a team separate from your company to accomplish tasks for your business. This can be achieved through BPO companies, which are prevalent in Asia, particularly in the Philippines.

The Philippines boasts various BPO companies that offer top-tier services and meticulously-trained employees. According to Nexford University, the BPO Industry in the Philippines ‘contributes nearly $30 billion to the economy each year,’ hiring over 1 million workers.

These numbers continue to grow as more and more Filipino Virtual Assistants, Call Center Agents, Programmers, and Digital Marketers enter the job market. Filipino workers are also continuously acquiring new digital skills that are crucial to the operations of both local and foreign businesses.


How do you find a BPO Company in the Philippines?

A simple search online can provide lists of reputable BPOs in the Philippines. You can even narrow your searches depending on the services you need. If it’s anything digital outsourcing, you can find tons of BPO companies in the country willing to assist you.

Most BPO companies in the Philippines offer Call Center or Contact Center services. This can be in the form of voice or email assistance. However, you can also find teams that take on multitudes of tasks from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to Accounting Outsourcing.

Don’t just choose the first BPO on the search results, however. Make sure you do your own research into their services offered, track record, and past clients. You should also consider different rates well so as to make the most out of your money.


Why do you need BPOs?

You’re probably thinking- my employees get their job done, why do I need Digital Outsourcing? You need BPOs for three simple reasons: expansion, efficiency, and profitability. 

What do we mean?

  • Expansion. Small enterprises most likely have fewer numbers in terms of audience and revenue when compared to their more established counterparts. That’s why some small companies might not see the need for BPOs- because their tight-knit team can handle the business demands.

    But as your company grows, your market expands.

    Opportunities to go bigger also present themselves. For example, a family-owned store might not need a call center in the Philippines to handle customer service. But when it grows to have multiple branches offering various products, the owners might now be able to keep up with customer needs.

    Expansion demands new hands on deck to ensure that all tasks are done and done well.

  • Efficiency. The best BPO companies in the Philippines offer expert services. This means that their employees are trained and educated on the responsibilities assigned to them. Hiring a BPO company gives you a dedicated team of experts that are solely focused on propelling your company forward. 

    For example, you can hire a digital marketing team to handle social media, website development, and even online customer service. Digital Marketing, Call Center, and Contact Center BPOs in the Philippines can help you with that.

    While they take on that side of the business, you and your team can focus on other pertinent issues like product or service improvement, logistics, and overall company management. 

    Efficiency is maximized across the board because each department or team is laser-focused on their own responsibilities.

  • Profitability. We’ve talked about expansion and efficiency. Both of those together leads to one thing- increased revenue.

    All companies aim for growing profits. While some achieve it on their own- without any third-party BPOs to help- the ever-innovating digital landscape calls for businesses to ask for a hand.

    New trends in SEO, marketing, product development, and logistics are popping up every year. For example, automation is growing in logistics and customer care. Not all companies have people in their payroll that are well-versed in such fields.

    A great way to keep up with these trends is to hire a team that’s adapts well to changes and innovations. Offshoring employment in the Philippines can do that. For example, Information Technology (IT) Outsourcing is a booming industry in the country, which can help with many tasks in your company to encourage and strengthen profitability.


Key Takeaways

Not all companies need BPOs- but most companies can benefit from outsourcing. 

Think of it as making your job easier by partnering with an expert to do the heavy lifting for you. Instead of being forced to micro-manage every single operational detail, company leaders can focus instead on improving the business altogether.

You can even do that through a BPO consultant, which is someone who will objectively audit the performance of your company and suggest ways to upgrade or refine your operations.

If we’ve convinced you to consider outsourcing in the Philippines, we call that a job well done. If you have any questions about BPOs in and outside of Manila, feel free to contact ITWorks Global Solutions via our official channels.

We’re always ready to help companies with all things outsourcing. We want to see you succeed- and we’re 100% certain we can do it together.

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