Underrated Reasons Why Foreign Companies Hire Filipino Writers

All brands are in need of good copywriters. After all, text content exists virtually in all business processes- from User Interface and digital marketing to customer care and social media management.

The ever-increasing demand of top-tier content writing has brought many companies overseas. In fact, a lot of brands turn to Philippine writers for crucial content creation tasks, recognizing the incredible expertise Filipinos have in that area.

Writing tasks are outsourced to the Philippines for many reasons- the main ones being the Filipinos’ intelligent grasp on the English language and the affordability of hiring them. Writers from the Philippines are also highly adaptable employees, willing to take on challenging tasks during arduous shifts.

Those are just some of the well-known basis why copywriting is often offloaded to the Philippines. In this article, we’ll explore the underrated reasons why foreign companies look to Filipinos for their content writing needs.

Cost-effective Tax Incentives

Through the esteemed Philippine Economic Zone Authority or PEZA, foreign and local enterprises can avail of tax breaks or holidays when hiring Filipino workers.

The Income Tax Holiday (ITH) that BPO companies can enjoy may last from four to seven years, depending on a couple of factors. For businesses aiming to cut production costs and realign budgets, the ITH alone is enough reason to consider outsourcing to the Philippines.

However, export enterprises may also be granted other incentives such as those of the non-fiscal nature. These include employment of foreign nationals, provision of special non-immigrant visas, and long-term land leases.

For more information about outsourcing perks, you can check out PEZA’s website. There you’ll find in great detail how the Philippines incentivices companies generating jobs for Filipinos, like that of brands outsourcing content writing.

Culture Compatibility

The Philippines is a gand melting pot of traditions and norms because of its rich history. Years of colonization and its penchant for foreign pop culture transformed Filipinos into a tremendously adaptable people.

For example, Western trends (exhibited in showbusiness, commerce, and education) are often emulated in the Philippines. This gives Filipinos a very crucial insight into Western culture, something they incorporate into their writing seamlessly.

If you want writers who display invaluable knowledge about your audience, Filipinos are a great choice.

Increasing remote workers

According to a survey by JobStreet (as reported by the Manila Standard last year), 8 out of 10 Filipinos prefer a work-from-home or hybrid setup. How does this benefit foreign companies?

Offshoring your tasks largely requires your employees to work in shifts aligned with your timezone. From the workers’ perspective, this is easier done at home as opposed to the office.

Office work demands that they commute at night and go home at noon. Doing so puts immeasurable physical and mental stress on workers. That’s why more and more Filipinos are opting for remote or hybrid work.

Working in graveyard shifts at home gives Filipinos more time to rest and recuperate, which are crucial to keeping any employee productive and happy in their jobs. Remote work also provides avenues for Filipinos to pursue further training or studies to improve their craft, which many copywriters do.

Filipinos display incredible willingness to learn

Speaking of upskilling, Filipinos- when given the opportunity- are very willing to upgrade their abilities. Whether it be through online workshops or in-person conferences, Filipinos are always on the lookout to brush up on their field, as well as to learn new things.

Writers with this mindset make amazing team members, especially when it comes to digital marketing. Just as economy and society are ever-evolving, so are your audience. You want writers that are able to recalibrate their writing to cater to these changes, which- more often than not- happen quickly.

Many high quality BPO companies to choose from

One way you can hire Filipino copywriters is through outsourcing agencies or BPOs. The Philippines is actually home to many excellent BPOs that offer copywriting services (among other pertinent business tasks).

Considered a rival to huge BPOs of the US and India, Philippine agencies are blazing trails in the offshoring landscape. Philippine BPOs cater to a wide variety of clients and provide budget-friendly rates. You can even mix and match the services you want done, depending on the particular needs of your business.

If one agency doesn’t meet your company’s standards, you can go ahead and move to the next one on the long list of potential BPO partners. You won’t run out of options in a country that’s fertile ground for outsourcing.

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