The Only Video Marketing Tips You’ll Ever Need

Videos are digital marketing juggernauts.

In fact, according to a survey conducted by Wyzowl (a state-of-the-art animation production tool), 86% of businesses use videos as marketing tools.

Why, you ask?

Because it’s effective. Let us show you why.

Video Marketing by the Numbers

In the same report by Wyzowl, researchers found out that 94% of marketers said that video clips aid consumers to understand products or services.

This is especially important for brands because a buyer first gets to know a product before they purchase. If a consumer finds a product relevant to their needs and simple to use (which they can determine through a short clip), they will more likely purchase that item.

Speaking of purchases, according to Hubspot, 83% of marketers generated leads through video marketing. That’s a lot!

We can attribute that to the fact that consumers absolutely love video content. According to Statista, a staggering 3.37 Billion Internet Users consumed video content at least once per month just this year.

Why do you think video streaming platforms like TikTok and YouTube have such huge viewer bases?

According to TikTok’s mother company, ByteDance, the video hosting app has a billion monthly active users. On the other hand, YouTube, the pioneer streaming app, boasts 2.1 billion monthly active users.

Those are huge pools of consumers just waiting to be reached out to. Virtually all brands can find their target audience in social channels as bustling as those.

So trust us when we say: in terms of digital marketing strategies, video content is a gold mine.

Now onto the tips!

5 Short and Sweet Tips for Video Marketing Newbies

Let’s cut to the chase- you’re here to learn how you can maximize video content to expand brand awareness, inspire consumer loyalty, and boost conversions. That’s why we’ve rounded up five of the most important video marketing tips you’ll ever hear.

  1. Learn from the best
    As tempting as it is to get started on your video marketing journey ASAP (making videos is a lot of fun, after all), you first need to check out the top content creators.

    We’re not just talking about big brands. We’re also talking about celebrities, influencers, athletes, and even academics.

    Take a look at how they make their most engaging videos. What storytelling approaches do they use? How do they use graphics? How do their viewers respond to their content?

    Studying what makes these top content producers the best can help guide you on the dos and don’ts of video marketing. After all, you’re sharing social platforms with them- let their videos show you the ropes. You’ll learn a lot.

  2. You don’t need to break the bank
    Simplicity is key, as they said in the olden days.

    To produce top-tier video content for your brand, you don’t need expensive equipment or software. Actually, for many established content creators, a phone with a good camera is all it takes.

    Tons of phones now have great cameras and straightforward interfaces. Plus, there have been awesome video editing apps available online that is painless to use, even for people new to digital content creation.

  3. Brush up on pop culture
    The videos that get the most mileage are the ones that are most relevant to your audience.

    From the get-go, brands have had their buyer personas established and studied, we know that. But as times and trends change, so do your consumers. To ensure that you’re still producing content that’s close to your audience’s heart, invest in a solid pop culture education.

    From top movies and TV shows to viral memes and breaking news- there is tons of information out there that can help you craft more captivating videos. Plus, it rarely hurts to jump on the trend to boost brand visibility.

  4. Let your creative juices flow
    When it comes to video marketing, the sky’s the limit.

    The medium itself is very versatile. For example, you can create general explainer clips about your brand, product, or service. That’s a given. But you can also produce a series of videos with an overarching narrative your audience can fall in love with.

    You can use an academic tone or you can use a humorous one. You can produce long-form skits or you can create short and succinct clips. With the right strategy, you can even generate your brand’s own viral moment.

  5. Address your consumers’ needs
    All marketing efforts only ever aim for one thing: conversions. Sales.

    Video marketing is no different. Brand videos- however unique they are from each other- have one thing in common. They offer solutions to their buyers’ dilemmas.

    When producing content, make sure that you’re presenting your brand or product as a suitable answer to your audience’s woes. If you’re not doing that, what’s the point?

    Say you’re selling yoga mats. One pain point that you can address in your videos is thin mats that make consumers’ bodies ache.

    In your videos, you can start by presenting the problem. Let your audience know that you’re aware of what they’re going through- that you sympathize. After that, offer them a fitting alternative: your product.

A Bonus Tip: Ask for help

If you’ve read all that and still think you’re out of your league, we get it.

Video marketing is a tough road to take, especially for newbies to audiovisual content creation. No worries, though- because you’ve come to the right place.

Here at iTworks Global Solutions, we offer superb digital marketing services. Should you find yourself in need of assistance or guidance in navigating the online landscape, we’re the team to call.

One of the Philippines’ top outsourcing companies, we’re more than ready to do the heavy lifting (marketing-wise) so you can focus straight on managing your business.

Ready to jumpstart your video marketing journey? Drop us a line via any of our official channels.

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