Read these important tips before you apply for a BPO job in the Philippines!

Interested in a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) career? You’ve come to the right place.

Here at iTworks Global Solutions, we invest in our team members so they can reach their fullest potential in the offshoring landscape. Our best and brightest started where you are- looking for ways to get a foot in the door. Well, let us help you!

We’ve prepared a short and sweet list of tips and tricks for future BPO superstars- yes, we’re looking at you! By the end, we hope you can see yourself thriving in the BPO industry, as many of our teammates are.


But first- why do Filipinos choose to work in BPOs?

The Philippines is famous for its BPOs. Every year, more and more Filipinos choose to work in the industry for many reasons.

One, BPOs aren’t choosy when it comes to hiring team members: you can be a working student, a single mom, or a fresh grad looking to save money, the BPO industry is open to you.

Another reason is that working for offshoring companies gives you tons of opportunities to diversify your capabilities and climb up the corporate ladder. BPOs love multiskilled workers; that’s why lots of outsourcing employees spend their time upskilling or even gaining new skills.

The more skills you possess, the higher chance of you getting promoted and securing a hefty salary.

This is not to say that the entry-level salary for BPO workers isn’t enough. In fact, many laud the BPO industry for providing high wages, especially for fresh undergraduates.


Must-follow tips if you’re looking to work for a BPO in the Philippines

First of all, you don’t even need a lot of professional experience to jumpstart a career in outsourcing companies. But to make sure you achieve a successful and fun experience in your first BPO job, we’ve rounded up these awesome tips for you!

  1. Expand your skills
    BPOs in the Philippines are most commonly associated with call centers. That’s understandable; a lot of BPOs here actually offer customer service or virtual assistant services. However, there’s more to outsourcing companies than that.

    BPOs actually take on a lot of responsibilities for both foreign and local clients; from digital marketing and social media management to program development and logistics governance.

    Although you don’t need to know how to do everything, it helps to acquire knowledge in tasks in similar fields. For example, if you’re well-versed in SEO blog writing, you might also consider gaining knowledge in social media content creation. Both these skills are crucial for many companies, as more and more businesses are leaning towards digital marketing to promote their brands.

    Candidates with a wide-ranged skill sets possess CVs that are more attractive to employers. Not only will you be able to edge out your fellow applicants, you’ll also get the chance to work on different tasks- a surefire way to make yourself valuable to your team.

  2. Develop flexibility
    Another thing the BPO industry is known for is the harrowing graveyard shifts. Because most clients come from overseas, it’s normal to see outsourcing companies that ask their employees to work late nights. Actually, companies actively look for potential team members that are open to difficult schedules.

    It might seem tiring or overwhelming at first, but humans actually possess great adaptability. In no time, you’ll find yourself loving the night shift.

    Imagine: no traffic, silence in the streets, and no competition for public transport. Plus, it’s much cooler to commute during the later part of the day than it is in the morning, where temperatures (and stress!) can reach peak levels.

    If you’re really hesitant to work difficult shifts, feel free to convey this to your employer or recruiter. There are a lot of Philippine offshoring companies that offer easier work hours, after all. You shouldn’t force your body to adapt to a schedule that can mess up your physical or mental health.

  3. Ask for help
    If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to ask for it.

    You might think that asking for help might make you look incompetent, especially as a newbie team member. But actually, managers actually appreciate employees that are open to guidance. It shows your professional initiative and humility- qualities in shortage for many employees.

    If you feel as though you’re still lacking a few skills for your job, you can also ask your team leaders for training opportunities at work- whether that be in the form of a workshop or a mentorship. Who knows, maybe your co-workers or managers might also enjoy or benefit from educational activities at work.

    All members in your team want the job done well. Asking for assistance when you’re not sure what to do ensures that.

One last thing… team chemistry and company culture is everything
As a bonus tip, we’d like you to carefully consider what company you’ll apply for.

A lot of jobs can be toxic because of high-pressure clients or fast-paced tasks. But working for a company that values work-life balance and mental health can help offset the hardships of at the office.

As part of the job hunting process, prioritize applying for companies that are known to look after their employees’ welfare. Stress at home, in personal relationships, and at work can easily overwhelm anyone. But if you have supportive peers and managers, you can do your job better and for longer.

Here at iTworks Global Solutions, we foster solid relationships with our team members. More than that, we treat each other like family. We also encourage both professional growth and much-needed rest to ensure our teammates maximize their abilities and their potential.

Want to know more about the culture at iTworks Global Solutions? Drop us a message via our official channels! Our team members are glad to tell you about their experience working for our company.

You can also see our job openings in our official website. Take a look and see if we’re a good fit for you!

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