Grow Your Consumer Base With These Potent Marketing Tips

Attracting new consumers is one of the top business goals of any brand. Simply put, more customers mean increased profits.

Because of that goal’s consistent presence in a company’s overall objectives, brands are always looking for creative ways to expand their consumer base.

After all, growth requires change: you can’t possibly rely on the same expansion strategies to bring in the numbers. Just as your consumers change, so should your tactics to engage them.

That’s really the long and short of it: to attract new customers, a brand must always be willing to optimize or recalibrate its strategies. Below we’ve rounded up five ways you can do just that. For a quick rundown of those tips, check out the list below:

  1. Actually use your data
    Any growth strategy should be founded on solid data. When strategizing consumer expansion, you have to base your plans on science-backed information.

    As much as you think you know your target audience, there are many valuable (and not at all intuitive) insights you can get from consumer analysis.

    For example, analytics from your eCommerce site can tell you what ads or listings take the bulk of traffic. From there, you can likely pinpoint factors why your other content doesn’t garner as much engagement and optimize them accordingly.

    Data, when studied carefully, can guide you to shape better promotional strategies. This includes boosting brand awareness and gaining new buyers.

  2. Explore new messaging tones
    Brand voice is what guides content creation, right? So everything you publish subscribes to an established identity and messaging.

    That has worked so far with your current consumers, but if you’re aiming to grow the hive so to speak- you need to shake things up.

    Say you’re trying to engage Gen Z buyers. You can’t possibly use the same messaging you used to engage older generations. To attract Gen Z buyers’ attention, you need to speak like them.

    This may come in the form of using memes, slang, or short-form video content. You can also partner with influencers to promote your products in a more creative way. The sky’s the limit!

    A short note though, when shifting brand voices you should do so in a way that doesn’t alienate your existing buyers. It’s like a marketing balancing act- it’s possible though, so don’t lose heart!

  3. Study how others do it
    Competitor analysis is crucial for anyone planning to engage more buyers. You’ve probably already stalked your direct competition as a way to brainstorm marketing ideas.

    In this context, we’re suggesting you look outside your immediate industry. This is to say, check out how brands beyond your niche market their products. Even if your offerings are as different as night and day, there’s always much to be learned from other companies.

    To start, you can look up top performing brands in terms of marketing and promotions. There are tons of sources online where experts analyze how effective some brands are at both offline and online marketing.

  4. Maximize consumer feedback (yes, even the negative ones!)
    Customer comments, especially bad ones, can dictate your brand’s reputation. In turn, a particularly substandard brand image can turn off new customers and negate any consumer expansion plans you may have.

    The feedback we’re talking about here isn’t confined in your social media channels or eCommerce platforms. This may also come in the form of product reviews posted as videos or comments in forums.

    The right way to go about negative feedback is to face them head on. Apologize for your consumers’ inconvenience, offer adequate solutions, and perhaps ask for suggestions.

    Not only will this help enhance your service delivery and product management, it will also showcase brand traits that many (new and otherwise) consumers value: accountability and willingness to improve.

  5. Consult the proper experts
    Done all you can but your consumer base just isn’t growing? It’s time to call in the experts!

    Humongous brands and budding startups alike are no strangers to marketing consultants. This is especially true with the fast-paced changes in the digital or online landscape, as well as in the general population.

    If you’re aiming to boost brand awareness but you’re running out of ideas, partnering with seasoned marketers might just do the job. These experts will craft marketing plans tailor-fit for you, making sure all strategies are founded on pertinent data about your audience, products, and brand identity.

    Aside from that, marketing consultants can also spearhead performance tracking and assessment, both of which are crucial to pinpoint how you can improve your expansion campaigns better.

    Basically, you’re asking the master marketers to do the heavy lifting for you.

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