Don’t Make These 4 Crucial SEO Strategy Mistakes

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a tricky strategy to implement, especially as search engines and the Internet as a whole continue to innovate every year.

Luckily, it’s quite easy to look up SEO best practices online. Articles, vlogs, and studies abound that can teach you how to develop an SEO strategy tailor-fit for your company. With this article, we’re aiming to do just that- but with a twist.

You’ve probably perused sources upon sources about SEO tips and tricks. In this blog, we’re shaking things up by listing three SEO mistakes you should avoid. Getting to know these will help you steer clear of digital marketing pitfalls many companies fall into.


Four SEO Strategy Mistakes You Won’t Want to Make

  1. Not asking for help
    When it comes to digital marketing, it’s tempting to do everything on your own. After all, outsourcing tasks costs money and almost anything can be learned from the Internet. But in an era where online content is king, you’ll want to invest in a robust digital presence- an established SEO company can help you with that.

    Hiring an SEO consultant or company isn’t the expensive liability you think it is. In fact, hiring digital outsourcing companies can actually improve your marketing ROI.

    Expert digital marketers like that on our team, ITWorks Global Solutions, offer more than just the tips you see on the web. They also provide professional auditing services for your online channels. Through these in depth audits, consultants can pinpoint aspects of your strategy that need to be improved or axed altogether.

    After that thorough assessment, your consultants can help you not only craft a solid SEO game plan but also track its performance. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg- digital marketing companies can do so much more.

    Actually, outsourcing companies are also capable of providing services in terms of logistic management, customer service, and even business permit submission and monitoring. You just have to find an offshoring company that caters to your companies’ urgent tasks- you can find reliable ones in the Philippines, a haven for business process outsourcing or BPOs.

    Whether you’re an established company or an budding startup, it always pays to ask for help- especially about a subject as complex as SEO.

  2. Not maximizing your competitors
    An underrated perk of the Internet is how accessible your competitors are. With just an analytics or social listening tool, you can get a glimpse of your competition’s digital marketing strategies and learn from them.

    This tip is especially crucial for companies new to all things online marketing. Rather than dive right into SEO blind, you can just learn from competitors who have been in the online game longer. For example, seeing how your competition develops their off page or local SEO strategies can give you an idea where to start.

    As valuable as competitive analysis is, sadly it’s certainly not a silver bullet to all your SEO woes. You can only learn so much from your industry rivals. And anyway, strategies that might work for them might not as be effective for you- which brings us to our next point.

  3. Not learning from your mistakes
    Say you’ve got an SEO strategy template you’ve been using for years. Most times it leads to conversions- sometimes it doesn’t. Do you continue to use the same strategy because it offers results most of the time? Yes and no.

    When launching an SEO strategy- or any digital marketing plan for that matter- you also have to put foolproof monitoring mechanisms in place. This is so you can track if your strategies are working the way they’re supposed to. In instances they’re not (even seldomly), it’s crucial you spot the failing parts and fix them to eliminate future mishaps.

    For our scenario in the first paragraph of this section, you can still use the general strategy and just optimize parts that don’t deliver. But for strategies that hardly ever deliver results, you’ll have to recalibrate your whole plan. Having tracking tools can give you a roadmap on how to go about that.

  4. Not setting up a network
    SEO isn’t just about publishing content on your site hoping for traffic to stream through that singular channel. You can actually submit articles for guest blogging in high-traffic and high-ranking websites to increase your chances of catching the eye of your audience.

    This is where networking comes in. Here, you want to foster professional relationships with established websites, publishers, or bloggers. Depending on the platform you partner with, your brand can be exposed to a huger audience compared to when you do the heavy SEO lifting with just your site.

    Networking is also a great way to beef up your outbound and inbound links. For example, linking to authoritative sites and having established sites link to you can help bump your rankings up.

    Beware though- not all sites or blogs are made equal. Not everyone you contact for a guest blogging opportunity will reply, especially if they get nothing in return.

    There are sites that publish guest blogs for free in exchange of promotions in favor of their brand. But a lot of bloggers and publishers also ask for monetary compensation for a space in their platform. This makes negotiation skills a must-have for digital marketers.


Clueless about SEO? Drop us a line- we’re always ready for a chat

There are tons more mistakes you need to avoid when it comes to SEO. The four we enumerated are just the most common, especially for digital marketing newbies. It might seem overwhelming to remember all the best practices and mistakes to avoid, but help is only a message away.

Here at iTworks Global Solutions, we’ve got online marketing experts at your beck and call. Composed of battle-tested marketers, our outsourcing team has decades of combined digital experience. We can help you with virtually any SEO task- from site audits to performance surveillance, we’re up to the task.

Ready to jumpstart your SEO journey with us? Message us via any of our official pages and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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