Consider these 5 factors before you outsource in the Philippines

As your business grows, so does the responsibility of managing it. For the uninitiated, this can get overwhelming fast. Enter outsourcing and its many benefits- think of these as offloading some inhouse tasks on your plate so you can focus on management alone.

Who wouldn’t want that?

But hold your horses–as much as we can go on and on about the advantages of outsourcing, you need to first understand what you’re signing up for.

There are many great BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies in the Philippines that are well-equipped to provide a wide range of services, but not all of them suit your business.

Sure, the ball is largely on your court when it comes to offshoring tasks (even with established outsourcing companies like those in the Philippines)- but getting to know crucial considerations can help shape better decisions for your company.


  1. Return on Investment (ROI)
    When you employ an outsourcing company in the Philippines, you’re investing resources on a team that can help improve productivity, performance- and most importantly- profits.

    Before you partner with an offshore company, first consider the costs of doing so and weigh them with the projected advantages.

    For example, if hiring a specific company to manage your digital marketing will skew your bottom line against your favor, you might want to reconsider your options. In this instance, you might need to negotiate a better package deal or maybe look for a more cost-effective company that offers the same set of services.

    Considering your ROI also includes the balancing act of making sure the quality you’re promised reflects its price.

    Usually, less experienced companies have more affordable rates, with the more established ones having a steeper asking price. However, choosing a battle-tested company is better than trusting an up-and-coming one. After all, you want your tasks done by seasoned experts, not newbies. You can find many of both in the Philippines, a haven for BPOs.

  2. Field Expertise
    Any outsourcing company can tell you they’re the best choice- but can they back it up? In other words, do they have proof that they can handle what you need help with?

    To ensure that you’re partnering with a reliable company, take a look at their track record. Who have they worked for? What campaigns have they launched for their clients- and were they successful? What are other companies saying about them?

    Another thing you can do is ask for certifications. For example, do the ones handling your advertising have professional experience in the field? Are the team leaders trained to manage large-scale or long-term projects?

    During the interview process, don’t hesitate to ask questions or do your due diligence in researching your prospects. Remember, your outsourcing partner will be part of your team. It pays to scrutinize your choices because you want a teammate that’s capable of success.

  3. Amount of Supervision
    When looking for a potential outsourcing company, ideally you want one that requires minimal supervision. After all, you’re hiring a third-party team to level off responsibilities, not add to them.

    Include in your hiring considerations the capabilities of the company to accomplish tasks virtually on their own. This means that they can function as a separate body looking to you only for guidance and work standards- not expecting you to micromanage each task. This requires initiative on their end to assess and optimize their performance.

    A country lauded for its huge and talented workforce, the Philippines has no shortage of good BPO employees. It’s no wonder a lot of foreign companies choose Philippine workers to offshore tasks to. Not only are Filipinos creative and resourceful, they also possess the willingness to improve themselves to better serve their employers.

  4. Time Zone Difference
    Offshoring tasks to a different country entails that you consider the time difference between the two locations. Some outsourcing companies work in strict shifts that follow their own timezone, but you can find many that set up their work arrangement according to their clients’ clocks.

    For example, the top countries outsourcing in the Philippines are the US, UK, and Australia. These countries do not share the same timezone with Filipinos, but workers in the Philippines are all extra willing to work in graveyard shifts to comply with their employers.

    Because communication is key when it comes to any type of business transaction, you want a company that’s available to talk wherever and whenever. For fast-paced businesses like online shops, you want a team that’s there for your beck and call, especially during crucial operating hours- lest there be emergencies you’re not there to handle.

  5. Technological Capabilities
    We’re going to be honest with you: the Philippines isn’t known for its Internet speed. For foreign businesses looking to outsource, this is a dealbreaker- especially when delegating digital marketing services. But the past months saw an improvement in Philippine Internet speed, with commerce groups and legislators alike pushing for more upgrades in the future.

    Besides, BPOs in the country have taken the responsibility to avail heavy duty telecommunication systems to cater to foreign clients. This might include paying higher than the average company for beefed up speeds, or installing connection lines unshared with others.

    When considering a BPO partner, it’s a must to ask about their tech. It won’t hurt to get an idea of their capabilities and limitations right off the bat, as opposed to in the middle of a crucial campaign.


In the Philippines, you’ve got tons of BPO choices
The Philippines is known in the BPO landscape as one of the top countries for outsourcing, on par with the likes of India and the United States.

Though we’ve listed a few crucial considerations for your BPO search, you won’t actually have a hard time looking for the best company here.

Boasting skillful and flexible employees, BPOs in the Philippines are more than capable of taking on virtually any tasks you can think of. In fact, both the government and offshoring companies in the country are working hard to improve the BPO industry through various initiatives like legislation and skills training.

So if you’re looking for a country to base some of your operations on, the Philippines is your best bet. The willingness to enhance their operations, expand their offerings, and upskill their workers is enough reason to invest in a company here.

Unsure how to start your outsourcing journey in the Philippines? You’ve come to the right place. Here at iTworks Global Solutions, you’ll find a one-stop-shop for virtually all your offshoring needs.

From digital marketing and software development to virtual assistants and employee leasing, we’ve got it covered. Just tell us what you need done and we can assemble a team to get it done.

For questions about the services we mentioned and more, feel free to send us a message via our official channels. We’re always ready to help out, especially when it comes to outsourcing.

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