8 Action-Driven Tips That Will Enhance Your Virtual Assistant Job Listings

More and more corporate leaders are hiring virtual assistants to outsource or manage their workload. This has led to an increase in both the demand for and supply of digital assistants, especially in the Philippines.

To make sure you attract the most qualified of candidates for the task, your job listing should be written succinctly yet comprehensively.

To do that, you have to consider your target applicants. This means getting inside their head: What do they want from their employer? What responsibilities are expected of them? How much will they be compensated?

In this article, we’ll give you the lowdown on how to craft an appealing virtual assistant job listing. This is in hopes that your post captivates many skilled applicants from which you can choose the one best suited to your needs.

  1. Utilize bullet points
    Job advertisements are easier to read when pertinent points are enumerated in a concise list. Compared to blocks of paragraphs, bullet points are simpler to skim and understand.

    Maximize bullet points in sections like the job description, qualifications, and benefits. After all, those are the first things a job hunter looks at.

  2. Organize your information hierarchy
    Borrowing from the field of UX or graphic design, organizing how you present information is key to writing a good job post.

    Put yourself in the applicant’s shoes. If you’re applying for the virtual assistant job, what do you want to see in the listing first? Usually, that’s a short brief of what role the company is looking to fill, followed by a condensed version of the job description.

    Some companies start their job posts with a short introduction of their brand. This helps introduce the business to potential applicants so by just the first sentences they’ll know if the job is worth their time.

  3. Ensure readability
    When writing your job listings, make sure you avoid long-winding sentences. Don’t beat around the bush. Go straight to the point, highlighting important points you know your applicant should consider.

    Whether you’re using paragraphs or bullet points, make all the text short and sweet. Job seekers usually spend their reading time just skimming a listing before moving on to the next one. To keep their attention, write your listings in an engaging manner.

  4. Specify professional requirements
    Another tip for attracting the most qualified virtual assistants is establishing early on your expectations and standards.

    List out all the professional and educational credentials you require. You can also identify particular certifications or trainings you want your applicant to have completed. This helps ensure that the applicants who submit their curriculum vitaes are up to your brand’s criteria.

  5. Make it easy to apply
    Many companies require job hunters to write a cover letter, record an introduction video, or take a personality test just to submit their application.

    Some listings even demand that applicants list out their professional experience via a form, even though they will be submitting their CV. Though that might seem like a good way to get to know the candidate better, those tasks actually turn some applicants off because of how tedious they are.

    To avoid this, make the first step of the application simple and hasslefree. For example, forfeit the cover letter. You can always ask them questions about their career goals via the interview.

  6. Be upfront about the salary
    As much as possible, include the compensation range in your job listings. That’s a huge part of your applicants’ considerations, especially for veteran workers looking for increased income.

    Being transparent about the salary can save time for both you and the job seeker. Say you find a very qualified candidate. They pass their tests with flying colors and they do well on their interviews. But when you finally mention the salary, they never respond. You can avoid all that stress if you put all your cards on the table ASAP.

  7. Showcase your brand’s culture
    Aside from the salary and job description, many job hunters nowadays consider workplace culture to be a dealbreaker.

    Huge earnings and fulfilling responsibilities are not enough for many millennial and Gen Z workers. These generations value crucial matters like inclusivity and work-life balance when applying for a position.

    When you craft your job post, make sure you set realistic expectations for your applicants in terms of culture in the office. You can do so by being specific about your company’s vision and principles.

  8. Make use of eye-catching graphics
    This tip is especially helpful when you’re posting on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    Job seekers in those platforms are used to seeing visual representations of information, and they appreciate data better when presented via attention-grabbing images or typography.

    However, don’t dump all the text in one photo. If you can, space your content out in a carousel of images so that the reader will have an easier time digesting information.

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If this is your first time hiring a virtual assistant, don’t fret! In the Philippines, for example, there are many highly-skilled digital assistants that offer affordable outsourcing rates that are perfect for you.

There are tons of other considerations when it comes to offshoring assistant responsibilities, so if you’re not sure where to start, give us a call. Here at iTworks Global Solutions, we’re more than ready and capable to kickstart your outsourcing journey.

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