5 Tips to Gain a Competitive Edge in SEO

Upstage your competitors with these powerful SEO tips!

Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known as SEO, is an ever-evolving field.

Because it exists and operates entirely online, SEO is bound to innovate almost as fast as the Internet can- which we all know is doing so in a rapid pace.

Brands that are up-to-date with SEO trends possess a coveted competitive edge over other companies.

If you’re looking to dominate as these brands do, you’re in luck!

In this article you’ll learn five comprehensive tips that can help step up your SEO game, even in the face of the field’s constant evolutions. By the end of it, you’ll be well-equipped with evergreen knowledge that can guide you for years on end.

Let’s start!

  1. Maximize Google Alerts
    Sounds simple, but this tip actually encompasses a greater task: always keep up with SEO news.

    Google Alerts and other similar Search Engine features notifies you about new, relevant, and interesting content about a certain topic.

    As a marketer, your top Google Alert keywords should include all things blog writing, digital marketing, content creation, and keyword research, among others. There’s a lot to learn online about online advertising or marketing, even for seasoned brands.

    For example, marketing websites publish reports and studies about SEO innovations that can improve the content you publish. These types of content can even give you tips on how to optimize back end tasks.

  2. Invest in professional training
    The Internet is filled to the brim with free resources. But paid options offer insights that you rarely see in their zero-cost counterparts.

    Tons of websites and digital marketing companies provide high quality training sessions for both business leaders and production team members.

    Not only can your SEO team learn more about their profession, but brand owners can also get a glimpse on how they can improve operations from the management perspective.

    Paid workshop or training sessions also gives you the chance to converse with digital marketing experts. From there, you can ask particular questions relevant to your brand’s situation or industry- something you can’t do looking up articles on the web.

  3. Conduct a technology audit
    For many people, SEO is all about keywords and content writing. But it actually takes a lot of tools or software to launch a successful SEO campaign.

    If you’re satisfied with the tools at your disposal, that’s good. However, it doesn’t hurt to check out other software that can do more or perform better. If you’re not comfortable changing programs, you can just see if there are pertinent updates your software needs.

    Your tech audit can also include your own site- how does it fare with the traffic it receives? Can it be optimized to achieve faster loading times? Does it have errors that affect user experience? The answers to all these questions fall under SEO, too.

  4. Schedule a regular assessment session with your team
    No one understands digital marketing strategies better than your team. Getting to know assessment points from the marketers’ perspective is a great way to evaluate your campaigns’ performance.

    It’s not uncommon for companies to launch campaigns and forget about them after it reaches its end. This is a big no-no if you want to improve your performance.

    Looking back at what you did right and where you fell short is a crucial task for anyone gunning for longterm and meaningful success. Assessment sessions can also give you both the macro and micro pictures of your digital marketing efforts, of which SEO is just a part.

  5. Strive to improve all aspects of your brand strategy
    SEO isn’t the only thing that keeps on innovating. Many marketing methods are also progressing in various ways.

    All these marketing strategies come together to form a great brand promotion machine that can help your business grow and expand.

    It’s not enough that you keep up with only SEO trends. You also have to study how the whole digital and offline marketing landscapes are developing. Only through this constant learning will all your efforts bear fruit. After all, how each of your marketing strategies fare affects the others.

    For example, a robust SEO campaign can help reel in email subscribers. Content that’s tailorfit to your readers can encourage them to subscribe to your emails. On the other hand, an engaging social media presence can serve as a great way to direct users to your website.

  6. Consider asking for help
    SEO is really a tough field to navigate. Even established brand managers are sometimes overwhelmed with the number of things you need to contemplate to ensure a triumphant campaign.

    That’s why many businesses opt to outsource SEO responsibilities to the experts. This may come in the form of hiring consultants to guide their team or fully offloading all tasks to a third-party company.

    That’s where business process outsourcing (BPO) agencies come in. Marketing BPOs offer a wide range of services- from social media management to website development. Of course, this includes content creation, keyword research, and link network-building in terms of SEO.

    If you feel like you need assistance in any of those aspects, don’t shy away from consulting a BPO company. They’re trained for those specific issues so you know your company is in the right hands.

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