5 Simple yet Genius Digital Marketing Tips to Start the New Year Right

2023 is here! Is your brand geared to rev up your start-of-the-year digital marketing?

After the celebrations have come and gone, consumers are now heading back to work or school. Some of them are still on a holiday high, while some have leftover money from their year end bonus. Many are still doom scrolling online, wishing it was still Christmas.

If you strategize your marketing efforts well, you can maximize these buyer mindsets to start 2023 with an influx of engagement or conversions. And we’re here to help you with that!

Below are five creative tips that will enhance your digital marketing plans for January.

  1. Jump on the resolution wagon
    One thing that people always bring up during the year’s first week is their New Year’s Resolutions. Whether the resolutions are about fitness, work, or finances, people always appreciate the chance to talk about their plans for the year.

    One way you can engage your consumers is to ask them what their resolutions are. You can do this through a social media post they can comment on or share with their friends. You can even round up tips on how they can keep their resolutions.

    Make sure to produce original and unique content. Users are more likely to interact with quirky and distinctive posts. But make sure the content is still relevant and useful to your consumers- you don’t want to alienate them after all.

  2. Set your promotional intentions for the year
    Consumers are always on the lookout for sales and discounts, as well as new products to try. If you’re planning to do digital promotions like these, you can give your audience a sneak peek to get them excited.

    Think of it as a teaser of what’s to come in 2023. This will encourage your consumers to be updated about your brand’s events, which can help drive regular traffic. This can also help your brand foster a good relationship with your audience, which we all know is important for any business.

  3. Appreciate customer loyalty
    If your brand has yet to launch a consumer loyalty program- this is your sign to do it!

    Loyalty programs may come in many forms, the most common of which is the membership card. Members enjoy discounts and points (that can be pooled to be exchanged at a later date).

    Programs like these help boost customer retention. If you give your consumers incentive to buy from your brand, they are highly likely to return time and again. Plus, you get the added benefit of word-of-mouth referrals to your consumers’ family and friends.

  4. Come up with an awesome contest
    Nothing fires up a consumer more than a chance to win something for free.

    With rising commodity prices and stress levels, shoppers will surely enjoy a healthy competitive activity that offers a coveted prize. But aside from the benefits to the consumer, holding contests can also have advantages for the brand.

    Brand contests drive brand discovery and engagement. If the prize is appealing enough, you can garner reach and impression data that you have never achieved before. Speaking of data, you can even use contests to expand your email marketing subscription list- which in turn can give you more chances to share your content to more users.

  5. Ask your audience- ‘What do you want to see from us this year?’
    Perhaps the most important tip in this list has to do with gathering customer feedback.

    In the age of eCommerce platforms where only buyers who have made a purchase can review your product or service, it’s easy to focus on just those comments.

    However, you can also find valuable insights from consumers who bought products from physical stores or online users with access to your digital platforms (who may not have bought anything from you yet, but are planning to).

    Whether the feedback is positive or negative, each comment gives your brand an opportunity to improve itself. Plus, crowdsourcing ideas from your audience can also be a fun way to brainstorm activities for the year.

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