5 Reasons Why You Should Partner with a Philippine BPO ASAP

The Philippines is home to many business process outsourcing companies or BPOs. In fact, the BPO industry in the country achieved a staggering $29.1 billion worth of profits just this year.

Hiring more than 1.4 million employees, Philippine BPOs provide a wide range of services. These include accounting, logistics management, web development, and customer service. 

Offshoring to the Philippines has been a growing trend in many foreign companies, which is a significant testament to the quality of service that our BPOs provide. It’s no wonder the employment and revenue rates keep climbing despite the pandemic.

In this article, we’ll give you the lowdown on what makes Philippine BPOs the best choice for your business. By the end, we’re hoping that we can help you consider BPO companies here. 


5 Reasons You Should Choose BPOs in the Philippines

Whether you’re looking to get help from a call center or you’re searching for a great virtual assistant, we know you’ll find suitable offshoring options in the Philippines. Here’s why:

  1. Philippine BPOs are inexpensive

    One of the many reasons foreign companies outsource to the Philippines is the affordable labor costs. This is partly due to the relationship of foreign currencies to the Philippine peso. 

    For example, a dollar in the US is equivalent to Php 55. To put things in perspective, the average monthly salary of a Filipino call center agent is only $500. Suffice to say, for foreign companies can make the most out of a tight budget when partnering with Philippine BPOs. 

    Before you think that cheap rates mean unsatisfactory service- hold that thought.

  2. Filipino BPO workers are highly-skilled

    Compared to their western and Asian counterparts, Philippine BPOs offer the most bang for your buck. Not only are the labor costs affordable, the quality of work you can expect from Filipinos is top-tier.

    In terms of language expertise, the Philippines continues to be one of the top English-Proficient countries for business. In fact, the Philippines recently ranked 2nd in Education First’s 2021 English Proficiency Index, compared to its Asian neighbors. 

  3. The Philippine government is a friend to BPOs

    The government is a steady partner when it comes to upskilling employees. In fact, the Information Technology and Business Process Association (IBPAP) has been working with the Philippine Department of Information and Communications Technology (PDICT) to train thousands of outsourcing employees. This dedication to skill improvement is a mark of quality of Philippine BPOs.

    The Philippine government actually has a specific agency called TESDA (Technical Education And Skills Development Authority) that offers skills training to Filipinos in hopes of the citizens landing jobs with foreign companies.

    For example, TESDA offers a call center training course, in which Filipinos are meticulously trained in English grammar, syntax, accent, and pronunciation.

  4. Filipinos are adaptable

    In the fast-paced country like the Philippines, Filipino BPO workers- from Virtual Assistants, Developers, Programmers, and Graphic Designers- exhibit great flexibility. Borne out of a culture of resiliency, Filipinos do well in high-tense situations and ever-changing work arrangements.

    The hustle culture actually grew exponentially during the pandemic, where millions of Filipinos found themselves having multiple side jobs to earn more income. One of the jobs they took on was that of outsourcing companies. Because it’s easy to set up a work-from-home arrangement, many Filipino workers found great success in the BPO industry.

    Even the daunting graveyard and overtime shifts do not dampen the Filipino workers’ spirits. Many BPOs actually operate in line with their client’s time zones, so outsourced workers are well-versed to adjusting to their employers’ demands.

  5. Philippine culture is compatible with many Western ones

    The Philippines is a melting pot of cultures and traditions. But one cultural influence that stands out in the country is that of Western countries. American music, shows, and cuisine are a hit for Filipinos. One can even presume that’s where their commendable English proficiency stems from.

    In its call center training course, TESDA also offers lessons on Western culture to further enhance Filipinos’ knowledge about their clients.

    When looking for the best BPO company for your business, you want one that jives with your own customs or traditions. This is important not only for the purposes of internal communications between you and the BPO company.

    If your outsourced employees are to converse with or provide services to your target audience, you want the cultural differences to be at the minimum. The more your BPO partners understand your consumers, the better the services will be.




Key Takeaways:

BPOs in the Philippines are a prime choice for foreign businesses looking to outsource tasks. 

  1. The country is home to an ever-growing job market composed of highly-educated and highly-skilled workers
  2. A known English-speaking country, the Philippines also produces workers capable of good communication with foreigners– may that be employers or consumers.
  3. Boasting adaptability and resiliency, Filipino workers are famous for being hard-working. In every digital outsourcing field, you will find top-performing Filipinos. 
  4. The Philippine government is actually exerting training and upskilling efforts to make sure the country’s workers can keep up on the international stage.
  5. Aside from their technical skills and language proficiency, Filipino BPO workers also offer a more affordable labor alternative. For smaller businesses who have limited financial capabilities, the labor costs in the Philippines is a must-consider option.


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