5 Powerful Digital Marketing Tips for Expanding to International Markets

Expanding your business beyond your comfort zone and into international markets can seem daunting at first. You’re so used to transacting with local consumers that it’s hard to imagine doing so in other contexts. Luckily, reaching and selling foreign buyers are made easy by a robust digital marketing strategy!

Whether you’re new to exploring international markets or you’re just looking to learn new things that can help improve your digital presence, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll give you five quick tips on how to harness the power of digital marketing to cater to foreign consumers.

  1. Consult experts
    We can’t stress this enough. Digital marketing agencies exist for a reason- to assist both established and startup companies in maximizing the world wide web.

    Sure, you can probably craft a great digital marketing strategy on your own. But if you’re looking to expand your reach to international markets, outsourcing digital tasks is the way to go.

    A digital marketing agency is capable of performing a deep audit of your digital channels to determine what strategies to let go, improve, or implement. Whether you’re talking about launching an app, building a website, or optimizing your online stores, digital marketing agencies can help do all of that for you.

  2. Invest in Localization
    Making your mark in foreign markets takes dedication in getting to know your new audience. This includes learning their language, customs, and culture. Doing so can help you craft a brand voice that is relevant to your target market.

    For example, you will have to optimize your copies and visuals to fit into your foreign audience. You can’t use the exact same US-centered campaign in a different country- say, Saudi Arabia. Not only are their languages different, their norms and traditions are also dissimilar.

    This is where developing a well-researched buyer persona comes in. Once you know how your foreign consumers think, it will be easier for you to craft a brand strategy that caters to their needs. A relatable brand is more attractive to any kind of market, after all.

  3. Expand SEO Capability
    You can consider this tip as an offshoot from the previous one. What we mean is that localizing your brand might also mean outsourcing local translators and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts. Locals are great guides on how you should produce content that speaks to your target audience.
    For example, local digital marketers can assist you with keyword research in the target language. This is to make sure that even if your audience is searching for products in their native language, your brand is visible in their search results.

    Local digital marketing agencies can also provide insights on the latest trends within the country. Those are very crucial in launching successful marketing and advertising campaigns. As an example, some social media platforms are more used in some countries than in others. Locals and help you enter channels where you can reach out to your audience and establish a presence where they gather.

  4. Utilize local KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders)
    Speaking of social media, millions of online users utilize social channels to look for products to purchase or services to avail. Social networking giant Instagram has taken notice of this, which is why they rolled out an update recently that lets brands sell their products in an in-app store.

    One thing that’s taking social media by storm is the rise of influencers. From a brand perspective, influencers are social media celebrities that can help boost brand awareness and conversions. Through collaborations with influencers, you can introduce your brand to local consumers in an almost organic way.

    Social media users take influencer recommendations very seriously. Unlike movie stars, singers, or athletes, influencers are more approachable and therefore more relatable to the common person. That’s why product recommendations from these social media juggernauts are a great way to market your brand.

  5. Analyze local and international competitors
    Expect to have strong competition in any market you enter. Countries or regions have their own local companies that target your audience. In addition to that, there are external businesses like you that transact with consumers in those countries. That’s a lot of players in one field.

    One way to keep up with existing businesses in your market is to study them. A good competitor analysis always brings forth new ideas for a company. Looking at how your competitors do business can give you the lowdown on what digital marketing strategies to avoid and emulate.

    Through competitor analysis, you will also see the best business practices in terms of pricing, customer service, and even logistics. More than the digital marketing aspect, studying your competitors can also help improve the money and customer care sides of the business.

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