4 Compelling Signs You Need to Outsource your Customer Service

Customer service is a very important pillar of any successful business. It’s a good way to build brand loyalty, which may help boost brand awareness and conversions.

However, catering to consumer queries and concerns might be too much responsibility for some companies, especially for new ones. That’s why more and more brands are leveling off customer service tasks to outsourcing companies.

In this article, we’ll walk you through four main reasons why your company should outsource your customer service tasks.

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Now, let’s talk about offshoring customer care:

Why do companies choose to outsource consumer relations?

Three words- because it’s hard.

It takes a lot of time to go over every query ticket, write a suitable response, and converse with the client until their problems are resolved. Plus, it takes take longer to talk with particularly demanding buyers, which of course are entitled to your utmost attention.

You’re probably thinking- my employees can take on these tasks, easy. Sure, if you have a team dedicated solely to customer care. But if you’re planning to offload customer services to teammates that already have established roles, you should reconsider.

Juggling day-to-day deliverables with talking to clients is stressful and laborious work.

Not only do your buyers expect quality responses, but they also want quick replies. If your employees have pressing tasks to deal with, they’ll probably be late to converse with customers. Both you nor your buyers don’t want that.

Four signs you need to outsource customer service

Now that we’ve laid out why companies generally choose to offshore customer relations, let’s talk about you. Here are five compelling signs you need to consider outsourcing now:

  1. Your consumers have a bone to pick with you
    Yep, we’ve all been there. Negative comments from buyers are always a bummer, but they’re actually a sign that consumer engagement needs to be amped up.

    When you see bad reviews online, don’t shy away from them. Converse with your customers- ask them what could be done to improve their experience.

    This helps placate the buyer and resolves any issues with their purchase. Plus, for public reviews, it shows your future customers that you’re open to discussing dilemmas they might have.

    Now, doing all that doesn’t come naturally to all employees, even for team members that have worked with you for years. But customer service experts, like the call center companies in the Philippines, are trained to respond to client problems.

    In fact, their training includes culture and language workshops to teach call center agents how to converse with clients from different countries. They’re also taught to de-escalate an argument should it arise.

  2. There’s a huge event coming up
    A lot of companies already assign particular employees to handle customer service.

    That’s well and good when you don’t expect much traffic. But if you’ve got promotions to launch, you’ll need an extra set of hands (and ears!) to cope with the increased engagement on your channels.

    Say you’re planning to announce an end-of-the-year sale. You’re upping your marketing by releasing ads and sponsored posts. That’s bound to attract customers who want to ask for additional details.

    If by your reckoning the traffic would be too much for your in-house customer relations team, it’s time to call a friend. Hiring customer service teams for a particular time period may be your best bet to make sure all queries are attended to ASAP.

  3. You’re missing out on queries when the work day ends
    Buyer questions don’t respect work hours, sadly.

    Customers will message your pages whenever they want, and that includes hours when no one from your in-house team can answer.

    Third-party contractors, on the other hand, can help cover all bases by monitoring customer queries 24/7. For example, in the Philippines, call center companies have three shifts daily; this setup was designed to cater specifically to foreign companies that are in need of assistance all day.

    To ensure that no concern goes unanswered (be it day or night), you can look for customer care companies that are capable of being available the whole day.

  4. You have no idea what consumer relations tools to use
    The science of customer service has grown over the years alongside the innovations of e-Commerce or social platforms. That’s why nowadays, you can rely on specialized software to expedite and facilitate consumer care.

    Sure, you can purchase and learn about those tools on your own, but all of that costs money. Not to mention, navigating a new software takes time and effort, things your team might not have an excess of.

    Save yourself the effort (and finances) by hiring companies that have mastered the art of customer service and are armed with the best software technology can offer. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

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