3 Important Signs That You Need a Virtual Assistant ASAP

In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, it’s not uncommon to miss deadlines and appointments. A couple forgotten tasks isn’t that much- but it’s another thing when it grows into a chain of unanswered phone calls, meeting absences, and delayed events.

One way business leaders ensure that they’re on top of their commitments is hiring virtual assistants. These out-of-office contractors can help you manage tasks you’re hard-pressed to handle on your own.

In the Philippines, many workers appreciate the flexibility of the virtual assistant profession. That’s why you can find a deep pool of qualified assistant prospects in this BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) haven.

Considering a virtual assistant but you’re not sure if you really need one? You clicked on the right article! We’ve rounded up three compelling signs that you or your team needs to hire a helping hand.


But first- what can virtual assistants do, anyway?

Keyword: virtual. All transactions or duties with your assistant will be done remotely. Though there are people who might be open to do on ground tasks, virtual assistants largely function in their own space.

That doesn’t mean their abilities are limited.

Virtual assistants, like most BPOs, offer various skills and services. In fact, almost anything that can be done over the Internet may fall under an assistant’s skillset.

You can hire an assistant for the following tasks:

  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Administrative Support
  • Logistics
  • Accounting
  • Market Research
  • Communications

That list is far from complete. As more and more skills can be learned on the Internet, many virtual assistants are finding new ways to expand and improve their expertise.

You may find an assistant that offers a singular service. But you can also encounter a contractor that can accomplish a wide variety of tasks.

  1. You’re starting to unintentionally neglect tasks
    We’ve all been there. When it’s peak season in your business, it’s normal to be overwhelmed with the number of things you need done.

    If you find yourself wearing too many hats and not performing well in any of your responsibilities, that’s a sign you need to outsource some of them.

    Virtual assistants can help you with that. Whether you’re simply looking for someone to keep track of your meetings or monitor your finances, hiring a third-party secretary can help ease the burden.

  2. There’s a big project coming up and you’re short on manpower
    Hosting an event like a seminar, expo, or even a webinar requires all hands on deck.

    Whether you’re doing this sporadically or regularly, a complete and well-rounded team is always crucial. But if you find yourself needing added personnel, a third-party assistant can help.

    You can hire a contractor for a set period of time- say for the duration of your event. This may include all event stages from the start to the end of the project.

    Not only will this help level off the responsibilities from your shoulders and from that of your co-workers, hiring a contractor for a particular activity is also more cost-effective. Instead of hiring a full-time worker, you’re only paying for a certain time period’s worth of services.

  3. You have a huge task backlog
    This can come in many forms. Both established companies and small startups encounter this problem throughout the course of the business.

    That’s why we’re sure you know how backlogs can become a huge liability, especially when we’re looking at bottomlines at the end of a quarter.

    You can hire a virtual assistant especially to tackle the tasks that have piled up over the weeks. While you focus on your present commitments, you can trust your third-party contractor to tick off items on your previous to-do lists.

  4. You want your team members to focus on more important duties
    As your business scales up, you might find yourself wanting to explore your employees’ potential. This might include giving them bigger responsibilities that demand laser focus and commitment.

    One way to guarantee that is to help gently take things off their plate. Start with small ones like answering emails, taking minutes, or preparing presentations.

    You can hand over these duties to a virtual assistant so your team members can direct their attention to improving their skills or even learning new ones.

  5. You really, really need some Me Time
    Even if you can’t relate to the previous things we listed, you’ll probably relate to this one.

    Finding yourself getting burnt out at the amount of things you need to do? Or maybe you catch yourself on Saturday evenings responding to emails when you should be relaxing?

    Everyone needs rest- and you can get just that by hiring an assistant. Having an extra set of hands can help make sure you have time to recuperate after a long week’s worth of full-time work. This can make room for you to do things you’ve always wanted to try, or maybe even things you’ve loved but haven’t had the time to pick up again.

Find the best virtual assistant for your needs!

If you find yourself nodding to one or many of our points above, then it’s highly likely that you’ll benefit from having an assistant.

Here at iTworks Global Solutions, we offer Employee Leasing services that help businesses manage their tasks better and avoid overload. We can help you find the most suitable assistant (or team) you can outsource duties to. Not only do we provide manpower, we can also guarantee that any project you assign us will be done fast and well.

Check out our website to see what we can do for you and your company. Should you have questions or concerns, feel free to drop us a line via our official channels. We’d love to talk to you about all your virtual assistant requirements.

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